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Our Helpful Man Cave Bar Furniture Buying Guide

Our Helpful Man Cave Bar Furniture Buying Guide

Putting together a nice bar area in your man cave is actually pretty easy. The most important thing to consider when thinking about your man cave bar is the amount of space you have to dedicate to it. Obviously, the more space you have the better, but for something you stand behind along with chairs in the front is gonna cost ya around 6 to 10 feet in width and around 7 feet deep. The other more space-saving alternative is to put your bar against the wall and without seating, with is only going to take up around 3 feet in-depth and whatever width you go with. If cost is a main issue to you, a good choice is to go modular. With a modular setup, you can add more to it in the future making it a more elaborate setup as you go.


Bar Tables and Chairs

Bar Tables and chairs are usually raised a bit over normal furniture. This allows it to be put towards the back of the room without an obstruction of view from heads in front while watching the big game on sunday. Always buy your bar table before investing into chairs because it is much easier to find stools that match the table height wise than vice versa. Like with dining tables, glass tops are very durable, but prone to fingerprints. High end bar tables have stone tops, which is the perfect material considering how spill proof it is while not attracting much fingerprints. Most bar tables come with chrome or brushed metal frames, although some companies still manufacture wooden pub tables. Either one material works well with wood being prone to warping, but with new technologies that is not going to be an issue for a long time.

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